The Essentials for being in Bear Country


One thing that makes Alaska so special is that all three species of North American bears flourish here. There is a chance that you may be lucky enough to see a bear. But even if you don’t, you will never be far from one, because Alaska is bear country.

By learning about the lives of black bears, brown bears (including grizzly), or polar bears, you will enhance your enjoyment of these species. Whether you are learning about bears for the purpose of hunting, viewing, travelling safely, or deterring bears from your property, the more you know the better.

Living in Bear Country

Whether you live in a rural or urban area of Alaska you are living and/or camping in bear country. The privilege of living in a state with large predators comes with responsibilities. In order to maintain healthy bear populations and reduce conflicts with bears, certain precautions should be taken. Whether it is keeping the garbage at your home secure, or maintaining a clean campsite, your behavior often dictates the bear’s behavior. Learn more about living and camping in bear country on these pages so that you, and the bears, can live safely together.

Safety in Bear Country

When you venture out in Alaska you are travelling in bear country. How you behave often dictates the outcome of an encounter with a bear. Even though encounters with bears are not common and aggressive bear encounters are rare, the more you know about bear safety the better off you are. Learn about safety in bear country on these pages. Get the facts and dispel the myths so that you can enjoy the outdoors with confidence and competence.

Handling Conflicts

Bears are naturally shy animals and prefer to avoid people. Conflicts arise when they are attracted to human food or garbage or when we surprise them while out on the trail. To find out more information on what you can do if you have a conflict with a bear click here.  If you have any questions or concerns contact your local area office.